Rustic Art Lemon Charcoal Soap | Organic & Vegan

Rustic Art Lemon Charcoal Soap | Organic & Vegan



  • Lemon is a powerful cleaning agent.
  • Lemon has purifying properties
  • Lemon scent is reportedly a mood enhancer
  • Charcoal treats oily skin
  • Charcoal repels acne bacteria
  • Charcoal prevents premature aging

Suitable for all skin types.


How to Use : Rub your wet palm over the soap to lather.
Use. It'll last longer than rubbing the soap against body.
Shelf Life : Best Before : 36 months
Weight : 100 gms

Certified Organic | PETA Certified- Cruelty Free | Vegan | Biodegradable | Handmade | Cold Processed | Chemical Free | Paraben Free

This luxurious handmade soap is cold processed using highest quality certified organic oils, essential oils and herbs. Each bar of Rustic Art Lemon Charcoal Organic & Vegan Soap is hand wrapped in cotton fabric and is made available to give you your best skin ever.

The new Rustic Art Organic Lemon Charcoal soap gets rid of extra oil and dirt from your skin. Leaving behind a great citric fragrance, you'd want to come back for more. Charcoal ensures deep cleansing while lemon facilitates it further. A good friend to have when the layers of oil haunt you bad. 

It's a balanced combination of hard oils like coconut and vegetable butters, and soft oils like sunflower, rice bran, sesame, flax seed, castor and almond which create a soft lather and keep the skin moisturized. Each bar of soap is hand wrapped in cotton fabric.


What can we say, it's a daily soap that'll never be boring!