Rustic Art Lavender Charcoal Organic Shaving Soap

Rustic Art Lavender Charcoal Organic Shaving Soap



  • Helps keep the skin soft and elastic
  • Helps cleansing cuts and bruises
  • Helps combat skin irritation

How to Use : Wet the shaving brush in warm water and swirl on the bar to create thick foam..
Weight : 50 g
Best before : 36 months
Suitable For : Men

Certified Organic | PETA Certified- Cruelty Free | Vegan | Biodegradable | Handmade | Cold Processed | Chemical Free | Paraben Free

Beard is temporary, jaw line is permanent, flaunt it!

A rich, elegant blend of charcoal and lavender helps keep the skin soft and elastic, which results in a great shaving experience while cleansing cuts and bruises, and helps combat skin irritation. It creates a stable lather that lasts longer, in turn, rendering the process smooth, leaving behind a supple and soft skin. Shaving soap reinvents shaving in a way where the organic and natural content of the soap are not only good on your skin, but also for your brush and the razor as the combination of oils and butters used in its formulation increase its efficiency and life.

Because, men need pampering too!

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