Rustic Art Deep Conditioning Hair Oil | Organic & Vegan

Rustic Art Deep Conditioning Hair Oil | Organic & Vegan



  • Helps improve your hair's moisture content and keeps it hydrated

  • Improved Hydration and Conditioning

  • lubricates the skin, scalp, and hair

How to Use : Take desired quantity of oil and gently massage gently over the scalp. Let it absorb for 20-30 mins. Wash it off shampoo. Leave overnight for best result.
Best before : 24 months
Weight : 100 ml

Certified Organic | PETA Certified- Cruelty Free | Vegan | Biodegradable | Handmade | Cold Processed | Chemical Free | Paraben Free

Sometimes, the problem has to be tackled at its roots. That's when the deep conditioning oil works a charm!

Being easily absorbed by the scalp, deep conditioning oil nourishes the roots and conditions the hair for a perfect hair day. It's reinforced with Rosemary and multivitamins.

Vitamin F ensures a long lasting deep moisturization. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant. It nourishes and moisturizes the scalp from deep within.

It enriched with super ingredients like organic oils of Avocado, Moringa, Olive, Shea nut and Sunflower. It is rich in organic essential oils of Lavender, Orange and Vetiver. These help in regulating the scalp metabolism and improving the hair texture from its root. It helps in controlling excess hair fall due to external factors like pollution and aids in hair growth.

A high concentration of natural moisturizing and deep penetrating oils and essential oils restores any damage. It is the perfect Urban Defense tool kit.

All the ingredients used to hand blend this product are certified organic.