Rustic Art Aloe Clary Sage Shampoo | Organic & Vegan

Rustic Art Aloe Clary Sage Shampoo | Organic & Vegan



  • Trusted source Vitamins A, C, and E

  • Improved Hydration and Conditioning

  • Exfoliating Benefits to Slough Away Dead Skin

  • Stimulates Hair Growth

How to Use :Take a coin size dab of shampoo. Lather well. Apply. Gently massage on the scalp. Rinse.
Best before : 24 months
Weight : 175 gms

Certified Organic | PETA Certified- Cruelty Free | Vegan | Biodegradable | Handmade | Cold Processed | Chemical Free | Paraben Free

Aloe Clary sage is the all rounder that every team wants! It wears multiple hats, like hydration, moisturization, cleaner and conditioner. A perfect shampoo for normal hair.

Aloe along with betain helps moisturize the scalp and hair, whereas, Clary sage helps regulate the blood flow in scalp while also balancing the scalp oils ensuring a healthy scalp and a great shower experience.

Rustic art liquid shampoo is completely biodegradable. Safe for coloured and treated hair. It has a unique amino acid based surfactant blend which is sustainably sourced from natural grains and sugarcane. This blend is super mild with excellent sensory attributes and is non stripping/drying.

Requires less water to rinse off.